Season 2017/18

Abingdon Hockey Club Fantasy Hockey 2017/18


Welcome to the second season of Abingdon HC’s Fantasy Hockey League. After a successful first season in the men’s section of the club, I am pleased to welcome the ladies section to the world of fantasy hockey.


For those not familiar with how the game works, fantasy league is a game in which you are a manager and you pick a team made up of Abingdon hockey players (see rules section) , these players will accumulate points every week based on their real life performances (see rules section). Then your team points are added together to give you a total score for the week. An example is shown below:


Team Squad Week 2 8/10/16
Tony Edwards 1s 9
Nick Green 1s 14
Phil Mawby 2s 3
Ash Sutcliffe 2s -4
Simon Kellard 3s 1
Connor Blakey 1s 6
Jason Hemmings 3s 6
Joe Ross 3s 4
Dan Watson 2s 1
Adam Passfield 2s 8
Will Trigg 1s 4



Your team will be competing in 3 competitions (2 of which are brand new, so are on a trail run).


Fantasy League

The main competition is the fantasy hockey league which for this season will be split into separate mens and Ladies leagues. This is a simple competition in which the manager who accumulates the most points over the course of the season wins.


Fantasy Cup

The second competition is a FA Cup style straight knockout competition (format may have to be adjusted depending on numbers) every team that is entered into the main fantasy league is also entered into the cup automatically, so no extra work on your part required. Primary reason for this new competition (and the 3rd) is to give players who are out of the fantasy league title race another avenue to glory.


Fantasy Shield

The third competition is a league competition but is completely different to the main fantasy league. As with the cup your team is automatically entered. This competition works on a match play system, every week your team ‘plays’ another team, the team with the most points that week gets 3 points or 1 point for a draw. I will do a fixtures list once all the teams are in and I know numbers.


If you are from the mens side and wish to enter a team (made up of ladies players obviously) and enter the ladies league as well then that is encouraged, this also applies to ladies wishing to enter a team (made up of mens players) then again this is encouraged.



Team selection:

Pick starting 11 in one of these formations 4-4-2,4-3-3, 3-4-3

  • 1 GK
  • 3 or 4 Def
  • 3 or 4 Mids
  • 2 or 3 Fwd

Maximum of 4 players from a single team in the starting 11 (can only have 4 2nd team players at one time)

**New for this season-substitutes.**

Pick 3 additional players 1 from the 1s,2s & 3s

If a member in your starting 11 doesn’t play then they will be swapped automatically for your sub that plays in the same team.


**New for this season-Captains**

Make any member of your selected team your captain and their points are worth double.



Appearance for registerd team e.g 2s player playing for 2s = 2pts

Appearance for lower team = 1pt

Goals = 5pts

Hat-Trick Bonus = 3pts


Assist = 3pts

Clean Sheet (Def/GK only) = 5pts

Defensive Bonus (Def/GK only) – 1 goal conceded = 3pts

2 goals conceded = 2pts

3 Goals Conceded = 1pt

Penalty Stroke Save = 10pts

Man of the Match (in a winning team) = 10pts

Man of the Match (in a drawing team) = 7pts

Man of the Match (in a losing team) = 5pts


Runner up Man of the Match(in a winning team) =6pts

Runner up Man of the Match (in a drawing team) = 4pts

Runner up Man of the Match (in a losing team) = 2pts


Midfield Clean Sheet Bonus= 5pts

Umpiring other Games = 5pts


Green Card = -2pts

Yellow Card = -5pts

Red Card = -20pts

Missing a Penalty Stroke = – 3pts

D*** of the Day = – 5pts


All substitute players score zero points for your team during the time they are substitutes





Every manager will start with 1 transfer when the season starts, On the first saturday of each month managers are given another transfer. These transfers do accumulate if you don’t wish to use them. At the Xmas break I give managers a bonus transfer.

Transfer requests must be submitted before 9pm on Fridays to be eligible for the games on saturday (This is to give me time to process the changes in time for saturday)


Transfer requests to be sent to:

In the email just put your name, team name and the players in and out that you want.


Team Entries

I would like all teams to be in by 27th September, this will give me time to organise the fixtures for the fantasy cup and shield competitions.

1 mens team and 1 ladies team per entrant.

If you know ex members or even family/friends that would like to play then they are more than welcome, just forward the emails to them so they can fill out the forms.



The winner of the main fantasy league will be awarded a free ticket to the end of season do, 1 each for men’s/ ladies league. I am also working on additional prizes for all 6 competitions.



Will Green

Fantasy League Commissoner